About JUST Taxi

JUST Taxi provides a way to grab reliable and affordable rides within minutes in Lagos. Avoid waiting in taxi lines or making taxi reservations that take forever to arrive. By tapping the "Request Ride" button, you will get picked up by the nearest located driver, who will get you to your destination safely and in style. JUST Taxi offers Coach, Business and First class services, with each upgrade going from branded to luxury executive vehicle's.

JUST Taxi automatically finds and shows the driver the location of the passenger, this eliminates need to search for passengers. You can request a ride immediately you need it or for a later time, JUST Taxi gives you the flexibility in choosing when to take a ride. JUST Taxi provides the comfort of no cash or exact change hassle, JUST Taxi gives you the option to pay with your phone. Its secure, easy and extremely fast.

JUST Taxi also has a driver interface which allows every JUST Taxi driver to download and use on their smart phones. All JUST Taxi drivers go through detailed background checks before being approved for the service. Drivers are also rated by passengers and only the highest-rated drivers are allowed to drive within the JUST Taxi network. Once a driver accepts a fare, an address will be provided with the passenger’s location. On the other end the rider will be provided with the drivers picture, as well as the type of vehicle. The rider will also see the distance the driver is from his or her location, to ease the process of locating the rider. If needed, the driver can always SMS or call the rider while approaching the pickup location. JUST Taxi driver signup is as simple as downloading the app and supplying a valid driver's license and driver's basic and guarantor information is needed.